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John & Judi Dolan

In 1968, John Dolan, a Union Projectionist, and his daughter Judi Dolan formed J. Dolan Projection Units.  It was not long until John and Judi created the first Mobile projection screening room trailers. These trailers allowed production companies to view "dailies" on location.  The ability to move a full service projection room from one location to another was both a financial saving and a tremendous timesaver for productions.

In 1987, Judi added Motorola walkie-talkies and communication equipment to the inventory. She quickly became the walkie-talkie vendor of choice for many production companies, production managers, and coordinators.

Keeping the family legacy alive, Judi's sister, Julie Dolan, and Julie’s husband, Lon Gowan, now own the communications division of the company. Both have spent many years in the industry - Julie as an actress, dancer, and musician; and Lon in production (Grip, AD Dept, and Casting), as an actor, a stuntman, and  writer.

J. Dolan Communications is licensed by the FCC for usage in the US, Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories. A copy of our license, call sign and frequencies are available upon request. Before choosing any vendor, make sure they are licensed by the FCC.
We have been providing outstanding service and quality equipment to the television and film industry for almost 40 years.

Additionally, we provide solutions to the communication needs of security firms, theme parks, event planners & coordinators, business and industry clients, as well as local, state, and federal government agencies. We have provided equipment to countless charities and take great pride in being able to help new and young filmmakers grow in their craft.

We are dedicated to giving the best service, providing the most reliable equipment and creating long-lasting working relationships for years to come.

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